Captain James Lang was a highly educated son of the southern aristocracy, and Mexican War veteran turned soldier of fortune. His was a clear-cut, well defined existence until an unusual assignment to southwest Iowa turned his martial life upside down. Captain Lang found himself embroiled in the clandestine, often violent, world of the Underground Railroad and the Kansas Border Wars.

This was an unfamiliar world of devout, but naive abolitionists mingled with spies, liars, cowards, and killers. His task being to divine the good from the evil, the radical from the righteous.

Impartiality or complete avoidance of local politics would have been simple enough if not for his chance meeting of Jessanne Gates, wife of the local minister and head of the area's abolitionist movement.

James Lang, the man, was instantly enamored by the beautiful Jessanne, who reciprocated the emotion. Captain Lang, the soldier, become tormented by his engrained duty to his native state and southern way of life, his own subjugation of a whole race of people, and the only woman he would ever love.





©2009, Gary Pool