The Long Way Home is the second book of the Stars & Bars Cowboy series. In the first book, The Forewarning, Ben Crane and Captain Henry Black found themselves trying to determine who is behind all the mysterious incidents in Laramie. Repeated attempted murders of people connected to the Stars & Bars Ranch in addition to other ranchers in the Panther Creek Valley had them mystified.

It seemed someone has a master plan to take possession of the entire valley. Ben & Capt. Black were confident they knew who was behind this scheme, until the man died with a knife in his back and the bizarre events and deaths of close friends continued.

In The Long Way Home Ben and Capt. Black proceed to escort the bodies of their deceased friends to the ranch for burial. As Ben and the Captain prepare for the worst, they know they will have to work as a well-oiled team to get everyone out of Laramie and back to the Stars & Bars before any further misfortune befalls them. As this dilemma looms in the air, further mishaps, rockslides and murders find them digging additional graves. To complicate matters further, in the midst of the chaos an unexpected romance begins to blossom.

However, the underlying question remains, who will stop at nothing to control the valley and everyone in it?

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©2009, Gary Pool