Ben Crane and Capt. Henry Black grew up together and fought side by side in the Civil War. Then following Lee’s surrender to Grant, they traveled west and joined forces to establish the Stars & Bars Ranch, one of the finest ranches in the Panther Creek Valley of southeast Wyoming.

In The Forewarning Captain Black has sold the Stars and Bars Ranch to an eastern Land & Cattle Company and built a fine mansion in Laramie for his wife and daughter. Ben Crane, on the other hand, wanted nothing more out of life than to remain on the ranch the rest of his life.

All seemed perfect until Ben’s fiftieth birthday when the current ranch manager, Mortimer Hardgrove fired him, stating he was too old. Hardgrove claimed all his worldly possessions, including his horse, and ordered Ben to be off the ranch.

Firing an able-bodied cowhand for no apparent reason other than his age seemed strange, but numerous other mysteries begin to unfold in what seems to be a master plan to take over the Stars and Bars Ranch as well as the entire Panther Creek Valley.

Join Ben Crane and Capt. Black on their journey as they fight for their lives in an endeavor to return to the Stars and Bars Ranch.

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©2009, Gary Pool